Nov 21, 2007

Teatro Colón Master Plan

The legendary Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires is closed since last year (November 2006) for undergoing massive renovations (impressive pictures here, Argentina TV report in Spanish here).

It was initially supposed to be ready for Grand Reopening on May 25 2008, celebrating the centennial of the Opera House with Verdi's Aïda.
By then, the 2,478-seat hall will be totally new: the acoustic tiles, the wooden stage and balconies, the lighting and air conditioning, all will be changed - and supposively improved.
Well, it turns out things aren't going that well.

First of all, the Teatro Colón won't open until August or September of 2008, an anonymous technical staff told the AFP. Then, there's the acoustics. Teresa De Anchorena, a Buenos Aires official, explained to the AFP that changing the curtain and all other textiles in the theater may cause a drastic change in the previously nearly-perfect acoustics. Rafael Sanchez Quintana, an engineer in acoustics, said that things are under control, but who really knows?
I guess it's "wait and see" at this point.

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