Nov 16, 2007

Grèves, toujours

The current strike at the Opéra de Paris is rather odd. Tonight's performance of Puccini's Tosca will be played, but in a concert version with costumes (so I guess the only thing missing will be the set and lights). Spectators who choose to show up rather than asking for reimbursement will be able to come back to the Bastille Opera's store in December to receive a free DVD. I guess it's a new kind of "when Christmas meets strike" gift. On the other hand, the Nutcracker will be cancelled a second time sunday Nov.18. So basically, if you have tickets for the Opera, you have no clue either your performance is going to be played or not (and how it's eventually gonna be played) unless you check the Paris Opera website. Daily. Oh, and you'd better be speaking French too, if you want to understand the daily announcements.

Good news for all of us, French people; a union labor of the "cheminots" on strike from the SNCF, the French National Railway Company, has decided to stop striking for now (unlike all other labor unions), to start discussions with the government. But it also threatens to go back on strike on Dec.20. Just for the Christmas holidays. How thoughtful.

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