Nov 6, 2007

Love is in the air

Backstage at the Opéra de Paris, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, 2005
Joyce DiDonato's official website

I am very relunctant to know anything about opera singers outside of their various performances. As soon as you learn about their lives, they fall down from the pedestal their singing puts them on.
They become humans.
Unperfect fallible humans.
Suddenly, their aura is less bright and overwhelming.

It's been quite a while since I know Joyce DiDonato is blogging.
I was never compelled to go and enter her personal world.
For starters, I like her as a singer.
I really like her.

But she's American. Worse than that: from Kansas.
And I admit I fully live up to the French cliché of anti-Americanism.
I do think mainstream-America consists of a bunch of uneducated rednecks who pride their superiority on the second amendment and a puritanism so hypocritical it's scary. A nation that elects George W. Bush twice is definitelly not one I portray as advanced.

Joyce DiDonato doesn't come close to matching those preconceived ideas of mine about the United States and the opera singers.
Her blog is an attractive journal of her professionnal life displaying great photographs, interesting memories sharings, an acute opinion about music and operatic scores, as well as a great inside into her open-minded conception of life.

It's a delight to get to know her that way.
A true delight.

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