Apr 1, 2008

Early news from Lima

Update #2: some new videos have been posted: "La donna e mobile" and one of my favorite arias from Rigoletto, "Bella figlia dell´amore". See the links on the blog of our Peruvian friend.
Update: The review from Lima is now also available in English (see at the end of the column in Spanish). Thanks for the translation, Gonzalo!
So... Our new best friend, the now well-known Peruvian blogger, has posted his review from yesterday's premiere of Rigoletto in Lima. Only in Spanish for now, but he has promised to translate it in a few hours... I am so not fluent in Spanish though... Yet, thanks to Google for the translation, you can have a glimpse of his feelings about the evening and the performance of JDF [I swear this blog is not becoming a tribute exclusively dedicated to Juan Diego Florez, it just happens that it's the only thing I really care about at the moment]. As accurately noted by our friend, the timbre of JDF's voice is very different from the usual one, in that role (I too, suspect I will be a bit out of my comfort zone here - as a matter of fact, listening to the extracts he posted, I already noticed that). Also, JDF seems to lack the fluidity that comes when you know your role to perfection. With a crazy schedule and these appearances in Lima added to it only a few months back, therefore pushing his role debut (originally scheduled for Dresden in June), it's no surprise JDF understudied the piece. Evidently, all those details were forgotten when he sang “Parmi veder le lagrime”, and the end of the performance seems to have overwhelmed our Peruvian blogger. He then writes a little about the other aspects of the performance (this I will read carefully when the translation is completed).


mostly opera... said...

I do read Spanish, and you have accurately and precisely captured the two points in this bloggers review about JDF: The different voice type compared to the commonly seen Dukes and the "fluidity", of which he precisely writes that JDF still doesn´t seem to have made the role his own judged by the textual declamations, while he found the singing style individual, particularly in the coloratura section. JDF is repeatedly compared with Kraus (finding his voice smaller than Kraus) and (surprise) got a big applause. The rest of the piece is about the other singers.

Now, if this had been an event of real importance (he-he) I would have translated the piece and put it on my own blog, but as it is, I´ll happily leave it to the owner of a genius readeing level blog :)

Gonzalo Tello said...

the ENglish translation is now avilable in the same article. Took a bit to translate my complicated spanish words to the equivalents in english...damn tough work!

greetings! and thx for the links to my blog!