Apr 28, 2008

A chat with Natalie

Yesterday, Natalie Dessay took one hour off her busy schedule to chat with her fans (her French fans basically, as the whole thing was exclusively in French).
Anyone who knows her character a bit understands she loves doing this kind of stuff, one of the reason why she's so popular in France. Of course most of the questions asked were conventional ones that were ultimately boring, but she did manage to give one or two news worth mentioning here.

First, as she once again repeated she doesn't want to do solo concerts (time constraints between her work and her family life and a genuine dislike for this kind of performances), she also indicated that she has indeed scheduled a joint concert with who else but Juan Diego Flórez for July 2010 (she didn't specify the location but from the discussion, it seemed pretty obvious it would be in Paris).

When asked which was the higher note she ever sung, she answered a high A in Léo Delibes' Le Roi l'a dit performed in Saint-Etienne in 1990.
This has of course no intrinsic interest but as singers are judged on their high notes, it can explain why she became a star (although of course there's no chance she can still sing that note).

Finally, she gave everybody a word of wisdom, quoting a Chinese proverb she says is always in a corner of her mind: "L'homme doit se méfier de la célébrité comme un porc doit se méfier du gras." (don't ask me, I have no idea how this can be relevant to anything).

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