Mar 27, 2008

More news from JDF

March 28 update:
Don't look for the link anymore, the Peruvian blogger must have been overwhelmed by all the visits from here - or simply was contacted by the Teatro Municipal in Lima, and deleted all files.

March 30 update:
Video on YouTube here, "Questa e quella" during the dress rehearsal (the orchestra is in desperate need of help there); photographs here.

Photograph by Carlos Guerrero

Of course you must know I'm interested in the role debut of Juan Diego Florez as Il Duca di Mantova (Rigoletto) in Lima in a few days (March 31). Especially since I'm going to attend the next run of JDF performances in June in Dresden.

Well, some extracts from the dress rehearsal (audio + one video) have been posted by a Peruvian blogger.
The sound is not very good and the conducting of Michele Mariotti has more to do with Kubelik than Muti (which is definitely not a compliment coming from me). I'm yet to be convinced that JDF's voice is not too light to sing the role, though things are looking brighter for me with the "Possente amor mi chiama" extract where he sounds really... interesting.

The director must be a child of Franco Zeffirelli, and that's one of the reasons why the upcoming performances in Dresden are so promising (let alone JDF and Damrau): Nikolaus Lehnhoff will be in charge.

Photograph by Carlos Guerrero


Sempion said...

Oh Dear God in Heaven... This has got to be some of the worst conducting I've ever heard.

JDF sounds glorious in the "Parmi veder le lagrime"... beautiful, georgeous!!

Extatic said...

Yes, I agree... the conducting...

Gonzalo Tello said...

hello, i'm the peruvian blogger. And in a couple of days i promise to upload everything again. Btw, my video from 'possente...' was copied by someone and uploaded again.

i will review some about the production itself too. I must talk, about you guys saying that Gasparon is the young Zeffirelli...maybe in costumes, because the scenery really suck, as well as the stage direction. The worst i've seen in many time. Anyways, this Rigoletto is fine for Peru, but just another one for the world.

Extatic said...

Hi dear Peruvian blogger!
And thanks for the news you've already provided us with regarding JDF.

I will certainly follow very carefully any review you will be able to do. And relay it here, of course.

The premiere is tonight!

Gonzalo Tello said...

i will make my review tomorrow, for respect to peruvian atendees. i will publish it in both english and spanish.

Extatic said...

English is surely a great idea!