Sep 19, 2008

The ROH's proselytism

Hurrah for the Royal Opera House! Even if France is not (as usual) among the chosen sites for the HD telecasts, we will be able, as well as the rest of the world, to watch the London productions in streaming, via the ROH's website, starting Oct.5 (the website, by the way, has been drastically upgraded). Oh, and did I mention this treat is on the ROH? Free of charge, yes indeed.
Via the NY Times.


Anonymous said...

it's a matter of opinion as to whether the website has been 'upgraded' - many of us are annoyed that useful features like the view from seat have disappeared, and there are a ton of typos, spelling mistakes and misattributions all over the site. I think they rolled it out before it was really ready.

I'm curious to see whether future streaming will be free - my guess is that it would cut too hard into their Opus Arte income to be viable.

Extatic said...

I'm OK with paying as long as they don't choose the rates of the Bayreuth Festival.

But I applause the effort.
(if only it could give ideas to the Paris Opera...)