Sep 2, 2008

Joël's health problems

Nicolas Joël, a few days from starting his last season at the Théâtre du Capitole in Toulouse, and headed for the Paris Opera after that, had a stroke last week. He's expected to make a full recovery (or is he?).


mostly opera... said...

It doesn´t look like he plans to be in Vienna to direct his new Faust production in October. Or at least this is the way I interpret the following on the website:
Director: Nicolas Joel
designed by: Andreas Reinhardt
implemented by Kristina Siegel
: Etsuko Tsuri

I still wonder if this is a rework of the Orange staging (don´t remember who did the sets in Orange).

Extatic said...

Joel also designed the sets in Orange.

So maybe this will be a new production. The funny thing is, Joel will also direct Faust in Toulouse to end his last season there... and the website ( clearly states that the sets are from Ezio Frigerio.

Keep me posted if you still understand anything to all that!