Sep 3, 2008

Divorce à la française

La Liberté guidant le peuple (28 juillet 1830) 
Eugène Delacroix
Because, you know, Americans are what they are (...), the French language suffered yet another insulting ostracism a few days ago. Rufus Wainright, the Canadian pop singer, who was ordered a new piece by the Met two years ago, Prima Donna, has been released from his engagements as the Metropolitan Opera, esp. Peter Gelb, does not approve of the libretto been in French.

Obviously, the English people are a lot smarter, and Prima Donna will premiere next summer at the Manchester International Festival. Still anyone wondering why the French are so anti-American ?

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terrette said...

That's outrageous, what happened to Wainwright, but in no way out of the ordinary. Not for a self-infatuated people.