Jan 18, 2008

Insane marketing

I've already talked about the obsession of Summer Festival Les chorégies d'Orange with Roberto Alagna.
Well, the frenzy is far from over.
He will sing Faust in the eponym opera of Gounod this summer, but it's not the only thing he will appear on. Look at what I just received, inserted in the mail with my ticket:

So now, you will also be able to watch him in Massenet's Werther, as they will project the recorded video of his performance in 2005 in Torino on July 14th (the French equivalent of US 4th of July). And have the opportunity to ask for autographs (which I'm sure a lot of people are going to queue for) to Roberto himself, who will be attending the show.

Enough with the star-mania.
He should really be focusing on improving his singing instead.

Another thing with my tickets, this ad (because you know, despite all and all, we are still in France, the country where everything rhythms with wine).

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