Jan 12, 2008

Head of state

Not that this has anything to do with opera or has any interest other than an anecdotic one, but it definitely seems like president Sarkozy (I should really be able to write his name properly without having to check the internet by now. Well, it turns out I still can't) is indeed watching each and everyone of us in this country, Big Brother/Giuliani like. This morning, for the first time ever, I got a visit from the Elysée Palace:
HostName : mars.elysee.fr ISP: PRESIDENCE-DE-LA-REPUBLIQUE Country: FRANCE City: PARIS Domain: France Google search: Serge Dorny (GM of the Opera de Lyon)
So dear mister President, feel free to link on your site to this little blog. I guess a bit of publicity there can't hurt...

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