Oct 21, 2006

De l’enfer qui vient émousser nos armes.

(Valentin & chorus, Act II) I was living with this girl. And things were getting so bad the end was just a question of weeks. I was so overwhelmed. And so powerless too. What do I do when I feel powerless and overwhelmed? I turn to music. Or, to be accurate, music makes a way into my brain, the only viable way. I have a strange brain you see. When bad things (or good, for that matter) happen to me, my brain connects instinctly with some music I know that best describes the situation. It has happened to me quite a few times. In that particular occasion, that aria from Gounod’s Faust became my way of letting it go. I was obsessed with it, listened to it all the time (thanks ever so dear for the Sennheiser headphone), couldn’t not sing it in my head when there was some free time I couldn’t spend thinking about how awful the situation at home had become. I am mad or I am mad about music?

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