Oct 30, 2006

The dangers of a tenor's life

The 38-year-old italian tenor Salvatore Licitra, currently singing at the MET Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni) and I Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) has a very dangerous life... Last Tuesday night, the 38-year-old Italian tenor ended up in an hospital emergency room, instead of a Manhattan party thrown by Sony Classical in celebration of his latest recording, "Forbidden Love" (extracts can be heard on his website). Stepping up of a taxi, the space between parked cars seemed to be too narrow for him, so instead, he went flying to the ground, left shoulder first. Because tenors are real men, not pussies, he went to the hospital to get his bleeding leg bandaged but didn't complain about the pain in his shoulder... until the next morning, when the pain became unbearable. MRI and X-rays showed torn tendons in his rotator cuff (maybe he just pitched some baseballs during the night and came up with the excuse of the fall).

But nothing could stop him from singing at the MET (let alone the ton of money probably involved). Well done M.Licitra.

I soo would love to find a picture of you falling out of a cab. Has nobody told you to start drinking at the party thrown for you and not before?

Infos Associated Press, Oct.26, 2006

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