Oct 21, 2007

Out and proud

I realize the average reader of this blog is either a gay man, a straight man or a straight woman. I'm not.

So allow me a little bit of proselytism.

Thanks to Vilaine Fille who relayed her friend Stephanie Schroeder's story on soprano Patricia Raquette and mezzo-soprano Beth Clayton.

True enough, I am not really interested in the sexuality of opera singers. Nevertheless, it's always good to know you have some friends in the biz.

Patricia Racette's future performances are here; Beth Clayton schedule is here (not updated) or there. More about the two in the article entitled Double aria.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for referring your readers to my piece in CURVE Magazine about Pat Racette and Beth Clayton. The article is now posted in PDF format on my site...please feel free to read it, download it, share it. And thanks for the opportunity for shameless self-promotion!

My Best,
Stephanie Schroeder

Extatic said...

My pleasure.