Oct 1, 2007

Début de saison fantastique...

Je ne peux, amis lecteurs, que vous inciter à aller lire le compte-rendu de Mostly Opera sur le début de saison à l'opéra de Copenhague. C'est en anglais, je sais, mais faites un effort, c'est vraiment hilarant et surréaliste. Ce n'est pas en France qu'on aurait osé un tour pareil.
Ajout à 23h, toujours aussi hallucinée:
Je ne peux résister, non vraiment je ne le peux, à retranscrire ici une partie de cette histoire extraordinaire:
" Just before curtain-up, Kasper Bech Holten (General Director) appeared in front of the curtain with the following statement: That Johnny Van Hal singing Hoffmann unfortunately was ill, and the cover Nikolai Schukoff was available for all other evenings....except this one - that after phoning all over Europe, a tenor was found in Berlin capable of singing the role (Timothy Richards) and all was well....but then Scandinavian Airlines cancelled all flights from Berlin to Copenhagen.... however in the last minute he got on another plane and arrived in time for the production, but... it appeared that the version of Hoffmann he could sing was not the one used in Copenhagen, despite repeated promises from this agent......so (and hold on here..): Some of the part he could sing in French, some of it he could only sing in German... And some of it he couldn´t sing at all.... - and these parts would therefore be sung by the conductor Marc Soustrot!! Johnny Van Hal would be acting the part and Timothy Richards would be singing from the pit."

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