Nov 1, 2006

Quizz #1

Let's have fun with opera, shall we? So, here are the rules of this game: find what opera I'm referring to with these four pictures (answer in the comments pop-up window). This one is an easy one, I'm already thinking of a much more difficult one for next time... If you think this kind of stuff is fun, please let me know!


Extatic said...

Of course, the answer is "Les Pêcheurs de perles" by Georges Bizet.

Picture 1: sand beach (act I)
Picture 2: Brahma
Picture 3: "roc solitaire" (end of act I)
Picture 4: pearl oyster

Anonymous said...

Ben oui, c'est sympa comme jeu. Mais là c'était trop fastoche ! Les indices étaient un peu "directs".