Dec 21, 2009

The Opéra de Lyon on Arte Live Web

Photo Opéra de Lyon

Arte Live Web will broadcast the performance of Chostakovitch's Cheryomushki on Dec.29 (from 8 pm) from the Opéra de Lyon.


Mary McGagh said...

Extatic..You may be interested in this source for concert and opera reviews, articles and interviews:

Extatic said...

Thanks Mary, I already know this site... But all readers should go and see for themselves.

Mary McGagh said...

If you have not already read today's NY Times article regarding Plácido Domingo's multi-faceted career at age 69, you may find it of interest. It is suggested that Mr. Domingo may be spreading himself too thin. At the Met he will be alternating singing the baritone [!] title role in Verdi's "Simon Boccnegra" with conducting Verdi's "Stiffelio."

Plácido is quoted as stating that he took the general director jobs (Los Angeles Opera and the Washington National Opera) with the thought of pursuing a second career after retiring from the stage. However, “I cannot betray the singer,” he said. “I won’t sing one day more than I should, but also I won’t sing one day less than I can."