Jan 18, 2009

Hight-and-mighty Dorny

(c) Bertrand Stofleth

The GM of the Opéra de Lyon Serge Dorny was interviewed by Luc Hernandez for Libération, in a piece published today. Asked about the remarks Mortier made in a recent interview with Le Monde, he claims his work in Lyon has been innovative, creative and outstanding.

He defends his choices to favor stage directors over the singers, as his vision of opera is rather focused on vision impact than musical quality.

He also explains why the upcoming performances of Philip Glass' La colonie pénitentiaire, originally scheduled at the prison will be played elsewhere, confirms Mozart's Don Giovanni will open next season, directed by Christopher Moulds, and eludes the question about his big plans for La Traviata in June:
"Luc Hernandez - Mon petit doigt m’a dit que La Traviata que vous reprenez en juin sera l’occasion d’un dispositif de diffusion nouveau dans la ville…
Serge Dorny - Ça va se faire. Le spectacle sera diffusé en-dehors des murs de l’Opéra et décentralisé dans la région. Mais je ne peux pas en dire plus pour l’instant."

No news of him leaving soon elswhere though. [sigh]

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