Jul 26, 2008

ROH 08-09 in HD

In late March, the Royal Opera House joined with Arts Alliance Media and DigiScreen to screen performances of live and recorded operas, ballets and concerts in digital cinemas all over the world.
The schedule includes ROH coproductions as well, meaning some performances will not be recorded/played in London such as Verdi's Un Ballo in Maschera on Sept.28 that will be performed live from Madrid.
The recent Don Carlo in London with Villazón, Furlanetto and Keenlyside will be screened on May 3.

DigiScreen will be responsible for the North American screenings, Arts Alliance Media will take on Europe (list of participating cinemas here). For now, only the UK, Spain, Germany, Austria and Norway are scheduled. Some other countries are to follow, according to a press release from April 1: Ireland, France, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and Benelux.

The full 08-09 schedule is available here.


Anonymous said...

Bummer - neither of the Baroque shows (probably not a big draw). But I hope I can get to the showing of Don Giovanni - I'm a huge Joyce DiDonato fan. There's no way I can fly to London, not to mention get tickets, with the dollar the way it is. This is a great opportunity to see something I wouldn't otherwise get to see.

Extatic said...

Even for Europeans the prices at the ROH are exorbitant...