Dec 11, 2007

Opera for the masses

Between this so-called Verdi Gala and the currently touring Carmen Monumental Opera production, it seems opera is becoming available for masses. I'm torn between praising the effort to seek new audiences for opera and bashing these producers who clearly have money in mind instead of quality. As Renaud Machart mentions in his piece from Le Monde (Dec.5), "monumental" is clearly an overstatement, as the total number of participants is less important than any production staged at the Paris Opera, for an equivalent price, with an average cast, terrible orchestra and insignificant conductor. I'm now waiting for that innovative producer that will turn American Idol (or "Star Academy" as it's called here in France) into "American Opera Idol", kinda like what happened last year in Britains Got Talent with Paul Potts, but less spontaneous and more orchestrated. How else are we going to discover the next great Andrea Bocelli? PS. Am I the only one to care that Paul Potts sounds a lot like Khmer leader Pol Pot?

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