Mar 19, 2007

[Ears openers] Introduction

Have you noticed how opera addicts tend to make a list of everything ? My ten favourite tenors, the 20 best sopranos, the 100 best singers ever, etc. ?
I have some issues doing that. Simply because the voice can change so quickly, for better or for worse, and also because opera is full of surprises. You might never know what you can discover, past or future performances.
Instead of yet another “top 10”, I’ve decided to start a new series, that I’ve untitled “ears openers”; people that have changed my vision of opera, hopefully with many more to come.
I’ve already written about Franco Corelli, who will be, for that matter, my first post of this series I’m launching.
A few names I often mention, on those to follow; Riccardo Muti, Maria Callas, Ernest Blanc, Nicolai Gedda, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Quelle idée? J'ai hâte de te lire...