Mar 10, 2008

Marketing lesson #1: avoid DG

Has anybody seen the big Deutsche Gramophon campaign to promote Villazon's lattest CD Cielo e mar?
First off, let me introduce you to the New Rolando.
The New enhanced Villazón is not only a tenor, he's also a supermodel/movie star/ Lamartine.

© Felix Broede / DG

Then, there's the troubling negation of the past.
The DG website clearly states that this is "Rolando Villazón's solo debut".

Yet I seem to remember owning a previous solo CD of Rolando...
Oh, sorry DG, you meant to say "Rolando Villazón's DG solo debut"?
I guess this must only be a typo on the website, convincingly convenient in terms of marketing, I may had.

I admit releasing a live footage of the launch event was a good idea ("online for a few days only" they say in the newsletter -seriously this marketing is so primitive it's scary-), especially because it's not another of those 30-second teasers that aren't interesting a bit. The video is indeed worthy of watching... until Villazón introduces "the best conductor in the world (...) he's my idol", who else but Placido Domingo.

That's really the cherry on the cake.
Too much marketing definitely kills marketing (great example for tomorrow at work by the way).

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