Mar 23, 2008

Demofoonte, rè di Tracia

Dramma per musica in tre atti di Pietro Metastasio
Musica di Niccolò Jommelli 1714-1774

It turns out the internet is full of informations about both Napolitan composer Niccolò Jommelli and Demofoonte, so my research was unexpectedly quick and thorough.

About Niccol
ò Jommelli (1714 - 1774) :
  • Complete biography (in English) by
  • "The evolution of Jommelli's operatic style" by Marita P. McClymonds (in English, extract from The Journal of the American Musicological Society) - see pages 338 to 350 (pdf pages 13 to 30) for a comparison of the 1764 and 1770 versions of Demofoonte
  • Biography (in French) by
  • Quelques jalons préliminaires (also in French) by

About Demofoonte:
  • One sentence to sum up the story: King Demophon wants to sacrifice a virgin to appease Apollo, but the intended victim (Dirce) is secretly married to his son, Timante.
  • Synopsis and complete genesis of the opera (in French) here
  • Libretto (pdf format) here
  • Synopsis in Italian here

Demofoonte was originally composed in 1743 (premiere in Padova) but underwent several revisions: Milan 1753, Stuttgart 1764, Naples 1770 (four versions total).
If the Paris Opera website is accurate, Riccardo Muti should conduct the original version of 1743 in June 2009.

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This is the review of the 4th version (1770, Naples), about the première in Salzburg last 31 May on Il Giornale della