Mar 9, 2008

The MET in HD: finally coming to France

It's been a while since the MET experience in HD started outside of the US, and I was wondering when it would come here in France.
The answer finally came; it will be on April 5th, for Puccini's La Bohème with Angela Gheorghiu and Ramon Vargas, live from the MET, in the ancient production of Franco Zeffirelli.

Stay home for this first broadcast is my advice, but book your tickets for the second performance on April 26th, with Donizetti's La fille du régiment starring Dessay and Florez (being able to go there myself for the premiere earlier on, I doubt I will enjoy my first MET in HD on that particular date).

Here are the movies around the country that will broadcast these performances:

BLOIS : Cap Ciné, 11, rue des Arpents
CANNES : Olympia, 5, rue d'Antibes
LILLE : Kinépolis, Zone Artisanal Grand But, 59160 LOMME
LYON : Pathé Lyon Vaise, 43, rue des Docks, 69009 LYON, Tel : 04 72 18 59 90
METZ : Kinépolis, 10, Av. Paul Langevin, 57070 SAINT JULIEN LES METZ
MONTPELLIER : Le Royal, 13, rue Boussairolles
MULHOUSE : Kinépolis, 175, Av. Robert Schumann
NANCY : Kinépolis, 3, rue Victor
NICE : Pathé Masséna, 31, Av. Jean Médecin
NÎMES : Kinépolis, 130, rue Michel Debré
PARIS : Gaumont Marignan, 27, Av. des Champs-Elysées
PERPIGNAN : Mégacastillet, ZAC Mas Balande
THIONVILLE : Kinépolis, 50, route Arlon
TOULON : Pathé Grand Ciel, Centre Commercial Grand Var - ZAC Grand Ciel, 22 Av. André Lurçat, 83130 LA GARDE
TOULOUSE : Gaumont Wilson, 3, Place Wilson
PERIGUEUX : Cap Ciné, Place Francheville

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