Jan 17, 2007

Candide, by Bernstein

Candide, the “Operetta comica in due atti” by Leonard Bernstein, is the hype opera of this season.

After Paris (theatre du Chatelet) in december (review in French here with lots of links), and before the once-cancelled then reinstated Candide-Scala version in June/July (Stéphane Lissner's view in Italian here), you can tune in Saturday, Jan.20 at GMT19:30 (20:30 Paris time) to Rai Radio Tre where you will be able to listen “In diretta dal Teatro San Carlo di Napoli” to the Napolitan version of Candide.

Musica di Leonard Bernstein
Libretto di Bernstein, Hellman, Latouche e Wilbur tratto da Voltaire

Candide: Brandon Jovanovitch
Cunégonde: Laura Aikin
Voltaire / Pangloss / Martin / Cacambo: Alan Opie
Old Lady: Carole Farley
Maximilian / Il Capitano: William Dazeley
PaquettePaquette: Cinzia Rizzone
Il governatore / Vanderdendur / Ragotski: John Graham-Hall
Inquisitor I / Charles Edward: Gregory Bonfatti
Inquisitor II / Croupier: Armando Gabba
Inquisitor III / Tsar Ivan: Hector Guedes
Sultan Achmet / Crook: Thomas Morris
Hermann Augustus: Andrea Martin
Con la partecipazione di Adriana Asti

Orchestra e Coro del Teatro Teatro San Carlo di Napoli
Direttore, Jeffrey Tate
Maestro del Coro, Marco Ozbic

Regia, Lorenzo MarianiScene, Nicola Rubertelli
Costumi, Giusi Giustino

Oh, did I mention, for those of you who just can’t get enough of Candide, that another version is waiting for you in Prague Jan.21, 28 and mar 24?

Then, you can always go in Rouen between May 10 and 15…

A few YouTube extracts;

“Glitter and Be Gay”, the ultimate hype tube this season, by June Anderson, Boston 1991 (Natalie Dessay’s version) .
What’s the use” by Christa Ludwig & Nicolai Gedda, directed by Bernstein himself (London Symphony orchestra & chorus) ; also from this version, “Bon Voyage” by Gedda and “I Am Easily Assimilated” by Christa Ludwig.

The controversial scene from Carsen’s version that caused so much trouble in Milan.

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