Jan 26, 2007

Blind test #5

To celebrate the start of the week-end, here's another blindtest.

So? The answer being found so quickly (see comments)... For those of you who want to compare versions or simply to listen to the entire aria, here’s what you can find on YouTube ; Katia Ricciarelli (very bad sound) Cristina Gallardo-Domas, Las Palmas 2002, « oh ! quante volte” at 5min40. Maria Devia, Bologna 1989 (bad sound); “oh! quante volte” at 4min30. Edita Gruberova, Wien 1984, , « oh ! quante volte” at 3min35. Next announced performances here. There should be a Paris production of this opera in sept/oct 2007 featuring Joyce DiDonato, M. Petrenko (Lorenzo) and Jose Van Dam (Capellio).


Anonymous said...

The beautiful aria of Giulietta form Bellini's Remoe e Giulietta. I don't recgnise the singer immediatly. Could it be Eva Mei?

Extatic said...

Bellini, I Capuleti e I Montecchi, to be precise.

Beverly Sills (Giulietta) singing "Oh! quante volte" (Act I, sc.2) in this Giuseppe Patanè's version.