Feb 26, 2008

A revolution under way

As unreal as it may seem (mostly to me I presume), my very thick shield against Mozart is starting to crack. Seriously.

The reason?
A combination of Riccardo Muti (who else) and Diana Damrau in this live Salzburg Festival performance that I started listening to with attention (I really don't care that much about seeing a performance, in case you're still wondering).

I wouldn't say I suddenly fell in love with Mozart or Die Zauberflöte for that matter, but I'm beginning to find some pieces not so boring, even interesting. A huge step for me.
Love is still far far away, but I've always been convinced that taste is evolving, in opera and in other matters (wine...).
So it seems I'm not that hopeless with Mozart after all.
A work in progress, really.

You Tube extracts:

- extract from the beginning (excuse my ignorance about the exact title, but feel free to bring your knowledge to this blog)
- "Der Hölle Rache", Dana Damrau

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